Hinomoto e14 4x4

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Hinomoto e14 4x4

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hinomoto e14 4x4

Re: Tell me about Hinomoto tractors That's good to know. Thanks Brent! Re: Tell me about Hinomoto tractors. Originally Posted by dbear. I heard or read someplace that Hinomoto was bought out by Kubota some years ago.

To me, that speaks volumes! If Kubota had that much respect for them, they must be good! Brent Pepper. Originally Posted by Tractors4u. I have heard that also, and I have also heard the Hinomoto was bought out by Kumatsu. I have never seen anything to back up these theories. The 3rd and most often story I have heard was they they went out of business due to mismanagement. Re: Tell me about Hinomoto tractors I've also heard that they were bought out by Hitachi. Reggie Ferguson's website claims they're still making tractors.

Regardless, I love my lawn ornaments. Re: Tell me about Hinomoto tractors Eugene, without a doubt they are good tractors. I mean in no way to demean the quality.

Hinomoto E14 Specifications

And some folks like you have been very resourceful at finding parts. But unless something changes, 10 years from now there will be a lot more Hinomotos parked for lack of parts than Yanmars for the same reason. I remember well my first EForum Rules. Home Forums Reviews Articles Store.

Homepage Today's Posts Search. Forgot your Password? Sign Up. Remember Me? Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Hinomoto E14 Pardon me if this is a stupid question. I have a Hinomoto E14 diesel. This is my first diesel and since I bought it used, no manuals, etc. I need to know what motor oil to use. Is there oil that is better for diesels, or just use regular motor oil? What weight is right?

Thanks for any help. Re: Hinomoto E14 Yes, you do want an oil rated for diesel engines.

Hinomoto E14 reviews, opinions

On the container, you will see some "API" ratings, usually 2 letters, and sometimes more. If the first letter is an "S", it's a rating for a gasoline engine, and if it's a "C" it's for a diesel engine. And the farther up the alphabet the second letter is, the later the rating, more additives, etc. Of course many oils are rated for both. So I'd look for one that has CH-4 or better rating, and in general prefer a viscosity of 15W myself.

I think the most popular diesel oils are Shell's Rotella and Chevron's Delobut of course there are many others, including a number of synthetic oils. Re: Hinomoto E14 Now, that was fast!

Thanks Bird, I really appreciate the information. Gotta take good care of my Hini.Writing review of the Hinomoto E14 tractor write another of its pros and cons. Write your review on the purchase price of the Hinomoto E14 tractor and the costs associated with its use, and servicing.

Be as it uses during the harvest and typical field work. Write about your own experiences with the use or the experience of friends. Agricultural directory AGRIster is the base of knowledge, information, and products used or have been used in the agricultural industry. Information published in this catalog specifications and parameters of agricultural machinery i.

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Hinomoto E14 reviews, opinions Hinomoto E diesel, engine capacity 0. We introduced AGROrank - we took into account more than 60 factors and have issued an assessment of each tractor. We've added to the descriptive assessment, counted and assigned to each tractor AGROrankthus creating a ranking! Costs 2, Specifications 2, Our opinion about Hinomoto E14 powered by diesel, small engine, rather than on a large farm, 2-cylinder, perfectly matched Rated RPM engine operation, lighting rather typical, PTO plus, none BAS, medium sized equipment, stable, broad, rather small gap, 2WD, lack of synchronization gears, typical number of gears forward, racing in the back of very limited AGRIster.Chris: I recently purchased a hinomoto E with attachments.

Do you know where i can get a manual for the tractor. All of the instructions i have are in japanese. Dear Chris: I have a hinomoto E,looking to repair steering geers. But I cant find parts. Do you have connections? Chris, I bought a hinomoto E14D, the engine with oil filter was painted, do you happen to know what the number is?

Do you know where I can get a service manual for it? OH copeland Looking for information on where to order parts for a Hinomoto E tractor. If have info. We have two,N and E Both are 4x4.

Let me know if these will work for you. Looking for service manual for N,what American import does this tractor correspond to? The only flaw is a cracked head will sell entire tractor for parts. I can be reached at Have you any info yet? Don't know the year model or horsepower. What is it worth? I would like to know where I could find the following; a small front end loader, an add-on power steering kit, a bush hog, a small used backhoe attachment, and a manual in English.

Thanks, Joe Kearns W. I bought mine from a dealer in Tullahoma Tennessee. Contact me and I try and look up the dealer's name.

WTH Donald R. Silva Jr.Hinomoto was a tractor company in Japan. They built under their brand Hinomoto as well as for other international companies, including Deutz-Allis, Massey Ferguson, Simplicity and Allis-Chalmers. It was formerly called Toyosha. Engines were built under the Toyosha brand.

Here in this article, you can get to know about the Hinomoto Small Tractors price list, Specifications, Key features etc. That all kinds of information are genuine and reliable; you can trust it. All types of information is beneficial to you to buy or sells these types of small tractors. Here in This Post, I mention the Hinomoto Mini tractor information, I hope you like this post but if you have any query regarding this article then let me know through a comment.

I solve your problem as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting our site, my friends. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Overall length:. Overall width:.

hinomoto e14 4x4

Overall height:. Wheel Base:.

hinomoto e14 4x4

Total displacement:. Rated number of revolution:.


PTO Output:.Log in or Sign up. When diagnosing an issue, or showing off your tractor or implement, it's important to add images so we all know what you're talking about. Especially when it comes to issues and repairs it's important to include as many images as possible to help our members diagnose your issue.

To upload images, use the Upload a FIle button found towards the bottom right of the post response box or a new thread. Apr 13, 1. Since Captain Hinomoto is not getting very many tractor posts. I did a bit of research and discovered that the Allis Chalmers and the Hinomoto E23 are one in the same.

I have not been able to verifying it yet but it appears that the Massey Ferguson is also another version of the above tractors. I believe they are a 2 cylinder They were made up until Maybe some you you guys like Parts and Bear can shed more light on these tractors? Interesting tids bits of knowledge and "rustling tea leaves". Live OakApr 13, Jul 25, 2. The Hinomoto that i would want real bad is the E18D. It is i believe a 22 hp 4 wd.

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It looks like the perfect size for me and i love that blue color. It is supposed to be the equivalent of the Allis Chalmers which i believe was built from or so. Does anyone know how hard it would be to get Allis Chalmers parts that old? Here is a picture of it i stole from another website. DurwoodJul 25, Ernest Joseph Harris likes this. Jul 25, 3. Here is what i think became the next generation Hinomoto E18D which is the ED that has a 3 cylinder instead of a two cylinder and it lost the pretty blue paint.

Jul 25, 4. Great pics Durwood.Gur: there is Other: lights, direction indicators Power: 24 hp Painting: painted Fuel type: diesel The weight: kg. Wheel size: front - ; rear Gur: no Other: lights, direction indicators Power: 17 hp Painting: painted Fuel type: diesel The weight: kg.

Wheel size: front - ; rear 8. Dimes The length is 2. Winter mode starts. Select Country Japan Lithuania Moldova Bulgaria 7.

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Romania 5. Spain 5.

hinomoto e14 4x4

Thailand 5. Greece 4. Russia 4. USA 4. United Kingdom 4. Germany 2. Poland 2. Australia 1.

Hinomoto Tractor Models You May Know by Other Names

Belgium 1. Chile 1. Netherlands 1. Portugal 1. Select Category Tractors Combines 1. Trenchers 1.


Select Manufacturer Kubota 3. Hitachi 1. Iseki 1. Massey Ferguson 1. Select Condition Used Select Year and Older Used hinomoto tractors - listings. Straseni, Moldova.


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